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SSB’s solve all issues. Larger Protection. Comfort. Stylish. Anti-fog. Multi-use. UV Protection.

Born out of necessity for function and style. SSB’s came to life after 15 years in the Operating Room wearing standard boxy lab glasses of every make and model. Year after Year I searched for the perfect style and function of protective eyewear without any success. The More Protection, the More Fog and Nerdier the look! There had to be a solution. I went to the drawing board incorporating all my design and utility ideas. It would take 6 years from the initial drawing to production....


SSB’s were designed to be Multi-Functional, Multi-Environmental Protective Eye Wear to be used for Work and Play as they come with 3 Interchangeable lenses. Clear, Polarized Black, and your choice of Colored lens Blockers. Whether Business or Pleasure, you will always have comfort, fit, function, and protection while maintaining style.

What does SSB Mean?

Surgical Sport Blockers or anything you need them to be:


S- Surgical, Sport, Spit, Sun, Splash, Spin, Shiz, Shooting, Splatter, Soak....


From Surgery, Dentistry, Golf, Automotive, Construction, Medical, Cycling, Sports, Shooting, Cooking, Cleaning, Machinery etc., SSB has you covered!

Equipped with UV protection, Polycarbonate Optics increase Color, Contrast, and Durability. Take a peek for high-impact looks.

Made from the highest quality premium material (TR90), SSB’s are guaranteed to last and protect against the environments you’re placed in. Ultra light, Ultra flexible with multiple adjustments of Telescoping ear pieces, Adjustable nose bridge, and Tilting frames, they can easily fit all faces. Masks nor heavy exercise no longer present a problem with fogging.


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